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Value Engineering: Energy Solutions

Value Engineering – the "short term solution with long term benefits"

Over the years, we have identified many cost-effective methods to save on energy and water usage without sacrificing comfort, convenience, or quality.

Most buildings constructed over the past 50 years, even modern buildings, have costly oversized piping and mechanical equipment.  This is due to “over-engineering” which can cost a building owner or manager tremendous unnecessary sums. We have identified these systems and offer recommendations in which many system component replacements or modifications result in 3-month to 3-year paybacks.

Some of these recommendations include:

  • Water meter reductions
  • Efficient pumping systems
  • Indoor/outdoor heating controls
  • Zoning options
  • Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems

Ron Miller
Registered Master Plumber

Cliff Miller
Registered Master Plumber

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